Thursday, 8 May 2008

Sutton's Apple Juice

I picked up a bottle of Sutton's Granny Smith apple juice at the Mitchelton farmers' markets on Sunday. If you haven't come across Sutton's apple juices before, you really should hunt them down. They make a great range of apple juice from loads of different apple varieties, including Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Jonathon, Mutsu and Royal Gala. You don't realise just how good apple juice can taste until you've tried their different varieties. And if you're not really into drinking juice, they'd make a fantastic cocktail.

You can usually find Sutton's apple juice at either the Mitchelton or Powerhouse farmers' markets ($4 for a 1 litre bottle). I've also seen them at the Rosalie Gourmet Market (but they are more expensive). Otherwise, you can order them directly here.

Next time you're out at Stanthorpe, pop in to Sutton's farm, where you can taste all the different juices, ciders, liqueurs and brandies. We always drop in to the farm whenever we are anywhere near Stanthorpe. Be warned though, you'll go through a litre of these great juices pretty quickly, so make sure you buy a few. Best of all, you'll be supporting a local Queensland product.

Sutton's Juice Factory & Cidery
10 Halloran Drive
Thulimbah QLD 4376
P - 07 4685 2464
E -
W -

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