Saturday, 3 May 2008

Gourmet Traveller

I've been subscribing to Gourmet Traveller for the last 5 years or so, and I think its a great food magazine. I'm not so keen on the travel side of the magazine, as it usually concentrates on luxury or exclusive accommodation, which isn't my idea of travel. But this isn't a travel blog, so I won't bore you with my views on that.

The only problem I have with Gourmet Traveller's food coverage is that, historically, it has had such a Sydney and Melbourne focus that it's hard to find much written about Queensland (or the other states). According to their 2008 restaurant guide, Queensland only has 4 restaurants in the top 50 Australian restaurants (with Absynthe picking up the highest spot at 28).

However, Queensland has been creeping a bit more into its consciousness over the last 2 years or so, which is good to see. I think the increased profile of Queensland food in Gourmet Traveller is associated with the rise of some great restaurants in North Queensland (like Nu Nu at Palm Cove).

Gourmet Traveller's April 2008 magazine was its "Best of the Best" edition. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Queensland is starting to pick up some well-deserved kudos on the national food front. Here are the Queensland dishes, restaurants, shops and hotels which got a mention as "best of the best":
Let's hope that the great restaurants we have here in Queensland continue to receive the national coverage that they deserve.

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