Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The Two Sides of a Steak

I've already written a post about the $2 steaks that the Fox Hotel sells on Sundays. Not to be outdone, Hotel Broadway at the Gabba is now selling steaks for $1.95 on Sundays and Mondays, provided you buy a drink - sides will cost you extra. I can't imagine how many steaks both pubs must be selling at those prices.

At the other end of town, the soon to be opened ARIA Brisbane has a 200 gram Blackmores wagyu rump (marble score 9+, 400 day grain fed) on its menu for $95. A side dish of truffle mash will set you back another $12.

So how would you spend your $95 - one wagyu rump at ARIA, or steak for you and 46 friends at the Fox/Hotel Broadway?

Hotel Broadway
93 Logan Road
Woolloongabba 4101
P - 07 3217 3469
E -
W -

ARIA Restaurant
Eagle Street Pier
1 Eagle Street
Brisbane 4000
P - 07 3233 2555
E -
W -


stu said...

First up, I am loving your blog.....

I am now actually half tempted to buy 46 friends a 2 buck steak now you have challenged me ;)

Keep it up and continue to enlighten us starved souls of Brissy.

Vanessa Jackman (Street+Style = StreetStyle) said...

I think we need you to try out both (in the interests of research for us readers of course:))and advise on the results!

food bling, Brisbane said...

Thanks Stu - glad you enjoy the blog.

If each of your 46 friends bought you a drink in return, you'd come out well ahead (although you might not be feeling the best the next day).

food bling, Brisbane said...

I had a wander past ARIA tonight after the Coonawarra roadshow. There was a good crowd in for opening night. Turns out the 200g Wagyu is $105 on the menu, not $95. That would want to be one pretty amazing steak.

jeremy said...

I had the $105 (was $95) at aria recently and it blew me away. No i have had wagyu plenty of times however the flavour and tenderness of this was totally awesome!

food bling, Brisbane said...

Thanks Jeremy - you'd hope it would be an excellent steak at that price