Friday, 28 August 2009

2010 Gourmet Traveller Restaurant Awards - Part 2

Just in case you're just about to head off on a trip around Australia to sample the best food on offer, here are the top 20 restaurants in the 2010 Gourmet Traveller restaurant guide:
  1. Quay, NSW
  2. Marque, NSW
  3. Tetsuya's, NSW
  4. Vue de Monde, Vic
  5. Est., NSW
  6. Rockpool, NSW
  7. Pier, NSW
  8. Guillaume at Bennelong, NSW
  9. Becasse, NSW
  10. Claude's, NSW
  11. Berowa Waters Inn, NSW
  12. Jacques Reymond, Vic
  13. Rockpool Bar & Grill, NSW
  14. Cutler & Co, Vic
  15. Attica, Vic
  16. Aria, NSW
  17. Rockpool Bar & Grill, Vic
  18. Pearl, Vic
  19. Royal Mail Hotel, Vic
  20. MoMo, Vic

As you can see, there are no Queensland restaurants in the top 20. In fact, the top 20 are all from NSW and Victoria. The highest placed non-NSW/Victorian restaurant in the guide is The Manse in Adelaide (at #35).

Out of the top 20, the only restaurant I've eaten at is Quay, so obviously I need to get down to Sydney & Melbourne more often. I'm keen to try Claude's next time I'm in Sydney, so that will be one more off the list.

If you enjoy food, picking up a copy of the current month's Gourmet Traveller is a good investment. I think their restaurant guide is one of the best around. I take it with me pretty much everywhere, and it rarely lets me down.

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