Monday, 24 August 2009

2010 Gourmet Traveller Restaurant Awards

Today in the post I received my new Gourmet Traveller magazine, which contained the winners of their 2010 Restaurant Awards. I thought it was a bit weird, considering that the awards were on tonight.

Quay in Sydney was judged to be the best restaurant in Australia this year. We actually ate there the night we got engaged, so it's an amazing meal that I'll never forget.

Here are the Queensland restaurants which made it into the top 100 in Australia, as judged by Gourmet Traveller:

Absynthe (#37)
Montrachet (#47)
E'cco (#48)
Restaurant Two (#50)
The Buffalo Club (#51)
Nu Nu (#69)
Vanitas (#81)
Wasabi (#83)
Berado's (#94)

So do you agree with Gourmet Traveller? Given that Urbane is currently closed, I'd have to say that Absynthe would be my pick, but I certainly haven't eaten at every restaurant in Queensland.

I'll do a more detailed post about the other winners later in the week.

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