Monday, 9 June 2008

Kumamoto Beef

I don't normally order too much beef in restaurants. Normally I prefer to eat something I can't whip up myself at home. Every now and again though there comes a time and place to order a good steak.

We've just been lucky enough to spend the weekend at Peppers' Hidden Vale, which is out near Grandchester. Peppers' Hidden Vale is actually located on a working cattle property, called Old Hidden Vale. They run wagyu cattle on the property, and not surprisingly wagyu beef popped up on the restaurant menu. It's not every day that you get to try grade 7 wagyu steak, sourced from the same property. I'll put up a post about our dinners at the restaurant at Pepper's Hidden Vale, including the delicious wagyu steak.

Just as we were checking out, I was wondering if we could actually buy any of the wagyu beef that came from Old Hidden Vale. As some kind of bizarre coincidence, The Weekend Australian had a little article on the Peppers' resorts in South East Queensland, noting that Peppers' Hidden Vale was just about to start marketing beef under the Kumamoto brand.

The coincidences continued. On the drive home, we stopped in at Schulte's Meat Tavern, on the Warrego Highway at Plainland. As luck would have it, Schulte's stock a range of Kumamoto wagyu beef. I picked up a rump steak, which was $24.99 a kilo, but you can also buy a whole wagyu eye fillet for about $40, which seems like a bargain.

I've been Googling away this afternoon, but I haven't been able to find anywhere in Brisbane that stocks Kumamoto wagyu. But if you're keen to try some locally produced wagyu beef, drop in to Schulte's next time you're on the way back to Brisbane. Hopefully Kumamoto wagyu will make it to the shelves of Brisbane butchers soon.

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