Friday, 13 June 2008

Euro 2008 - Czech Republic

The Czech Republic's next match against Turkey is a real crunch game. Whichever team wins will go through to the next round, so it should be a great game. The Czech team had a good first up win against Switzerland, but were unlucky to be beaten 3-1 by Portugal this week.

If you're after some Czech food in Brisbane, head along to the Czechoslovakia Club. I haven't been able to find out too much about the Czechoslovakia Club, but here is what Natascha Mirosch from The Courier Mail had to say about it:

It's not one of the biggest, but its patrons are fiercely loyal, many driving across town to eat the traditional Czech food lovingly prepared by chef Lyn Kratochvil and other volunteers.
The club has about 300 members, and this year celebrates 50 years. It's possible to dine like a kaiser for a pauper's price with three courses, a soup, main, dessert and coffee costing a paltry $12.

This is not the tasteless tepid stuff of bain maries though. The Czechs are proud of their food, and everything is cooked fresh on the day.

So what exactly is Czech food?

"We Slav nations all have similar food. The Russian, Polish, and Czech, we might call them different things but they are very similar. It's careful, slow-cooked, hearty food," says club president Stanya Bilek. Pork is a particular Czech favourite as well as hearty marinated meats. "We have a special potato and wild mushroom soup, too, but of course it's very hard to get wild mushrooms here."

Bilek does concede that Czech food is rich "but everything in moderation", she says. The club has around eight Czech beers, including Velkopopovicky Kozel and Breznak at $4.50 for half a litre, as well as Czech liqueurs for $2.50.

The Czechs have a sweet tooth, too, it seems, with a delicious array of pastries, streudels and fruit dumplings to round off a meal. The club is renowned for its friendliness and welcomes everyone, says Bilek, with no Czech heritage required.

You can read the full article about Brisbane clubs here. If the Czech team wins the game against Turkey, it could be a big night at the Czechoslovakia Club.

Czechoslovakia Club
25 Upfield Road
Burbank 4156
P - 07 3343 3489

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