Saturday, 14 March 2009

Boylans' Vintage Soda Pop

Over the last year or so I've seen Boylans' Vintage Soda Pop at a few cafes around Brisbane. I hadn't actually bought one though until we saw the whole range at Sweethearts' lolly shop in Stafford City.

We went home with a 4 pack of their Creme, Root Beer, Black Cherry and Cane Cola flavours for $12.99. The drinks have been made by Boylans in the USA since 1891 and are packed in very cool, retro glass bottles.

So what do they taste like? The short answer is great! I know it sounds a bit twee, but they do actually taste exactly what you'd think soda tasted like 50 or so years ago. I was surprised just how different they tasted from most of the soft drinks we all come across in the supermarket.

The reason I picked black cherry is because I actually like Dr Peppers. Be warned, Boylans' black cherry is much less sweeter than Dr Peppers. It's tart, has a real sour cherry taste and a smell a bit like cough syrup. Definitely an acquired taste.

I really enjoyed the cane cola though. Sure it tasted like cola, but it had a bit of caramel flavour to it. It also lacked the harsh, artificial taste at the end that many mass produced colas seem to have.

The creme flavour was unlike anything I've ever tasted before. Originally I was thinking it would just be creaming soda, but it tasted exactly like a creme caramel in a glass. Definitely an interesting flavour, but a bit too sweet for my liking.

I didn't get to try the root beer, but it smelt like turbocharged sarsparilla.

After this first batch, I'll definitely be back to try some of the other flavours, which include ginger ale, orange, orange cream and grape.

Keep your eyes out for Boylans' soda on the next visit to your local cafe or deli - they're definitely worth a try.

Boylans Vintage Soda Pop
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Sarah said...

I second the recommendation- these *are* good! I detest coke, but we bought some of the cola for Gam and I really enjoyed it too. I've been keen to try the black cherry one too (and from your description it sounds like I may well like it!)... A Salt and Battery in St Lucia has been stocking Boylan for years, and just in the last 6(?) months or so the Fruity Capers Deli has started stocking it too.