Thursday, 25 June 2009

Spano's Super IGA Stafford

When it comes to supermarkets, I generally find their food selection to be pretty pedestrian. Very rarely do I find a trip to Woolworths or Coles particularly exciting from a food point of view.

Every now and again though I come across a supermarket that stands out from the crowd. This time it was Spano's Super IGA at Stafford. I'd been to the Super IGA at Stafford before it underwent its recent renovation, and don't remember being particularly overwhelmed. But we were at Stafford on Sunday and ended up doing our weekly grocery shopping there, to save a bit of time. As it turned out we took about twice as long as usual, because I was bowled over by the great range of products which they carried.

To give you an example, next to the meat section was a freezer full of rabbit, duck breasts, emu, spatchcock and crocodile. I wanted to buy one of everything, but settled on a couple of duck breasts. I used to eat duck for dinner pretty regularly in both Ireland and England (where you could always pick them up from Tesco), so I'm glad to see them popping up in Brisbane. I had a chat to the manager, who told me that although they weren't selling a lot of duck, the rabbit, emu and crocodile were flying out the door.

Other delicious goodies which caught my eye (most of which made it into the trolley) were Barambah Organics yoghurt, Byron Gourmet Pies (gluten free), Alli & Rose corn chips (with spinach or beetroot), quinoa and some amazing looking gluten free pizza bases.

If you (like me) are bored with your local supermarket, drive over to Stafford and check out the Super IGA. Although it's not our closest supermarket, I'll be happy to drive the extra distance for their fantastic selection of food. If only there were more supermarkets like this in Brisbane!

Spano's Super IGA
Stafford City Shopping Centre
400 Stafford Road
Stafford 4053
P - 07 3356 3613
W -


Sarah said...

That does sound pretty good for a supermarket here in Brisbane. We don't buy much at supermarkets these days apart from laundry powder, dishwashing tabs and cat food/litter... and we've even been considering doing that part of our shopping online so we don't have to endure the godawful experience of actually visiting the place!

Lara said...

There are a few IGAs around town that have a pretty good range - don't know if they're "super" though. If I'm ever on that side of town, I'll be sure to check it out.

food bling, Brisbane said...

It's the best IGA I've come across in Brisbane so far.

littlej said...

the milton iga has a great range also. different to the stafford one. i checked it out on the weekend. The checkout girl made me laugh when she asked me what vegi i had put on the counter (a leek).

food bling, Brisbane said...

do you get it free if the staff don't know what you're buying? :)

food bling, Brisbane said...

We went back yesterday to do our weekly shopping, and spent almost double what we usually do. I just kept grabbing more things off the shelf. This time we came home with Marook Farm bio-dynamic yoghurt, Healthy Feast vegetable tagine & chicken gluten free pies (never seen them before), Vitality roasted seed gluten free bread, Kenilworth Red Malling vintage cheese (which I love) and Barambah Organics milk (for all the coffees I'm going to make at home this week). I almost bought a big chunk of NZ venison for pure indulgence, but it was a tad too pricey on this trip. Happy days!