Friday, 8 May 2009


So what does everyone think of MasterChef so far?

Here are my thoughts, after diligently watching it for most of the last two weeks:

  • It seems compulsory to say "Yeah" at the end of most sentences - eg "You've really got to concentrate, Yeah?"
  • Why is there a host? The three judges are more than enough to keep the show interesting
  • Does it really need to be so strung out? I can't believe they managed to stretch out the voting the other night for a whole episode. I've decided only to watch MasterChef after its been taped, so I can skip through all the repeated bits either side of an ad break
  • I wish I had entered
  • Why does the starting time and length of the show seem to change every night? I can't keep track of when it's going to be on
  • George is brilliant
  • Why is Justine never shown in any footage? This is an outrage! Please send your protests directly to Channel Ten
  • Is it just me, or does Linda think she is a young Cate Blanchett?
  • I can't decide who I want to win yet. At the moment I like Sandra, Justine & Trevor

Anyway I hope it stays interesting. I think everyone is starting to realise just how competitive it's going to be. It's about time there was a decent food show on every night of the week.


Barbara said...

I'm enjoying it...but only by taping it and watching the next day and being able to FF through the boring bits. I'm picking Sam to win.

Edward said...

Like Barbara, I'm recording and watching several episodes every few nights. The Yeah thing is infectious - first George and now all 3!

food bling, Brisbane said...

I agree - it can only be watched after its been taped. Otherwise I end up shouting at the tv