Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Aratula Markets

Whenever we get out of Brisbane, I always try my hardest to try and pick up some real fruit and veges on the way back to the big smoke.

On the way back from Warwick after a great country wedding, we stopped at the Aratula Markets in (surprise) Aratula.

Aratula is a small town on the Brisbane side of Cunningham's Gap. On the weekend we stopped to buy some local potatoes, sweet potatoes, Queensland Blue pumpkin (they had an amazing range of pumpkin varieties), parsnip (a whole bag for $2!), onions, miniature yellow zucchini (it makes great pasta), broccoli and new season apples. Our whole box of real fresh fruit & veges only cost $15. The vegetables made the most delicious roast I have had in ages. The potatoes ($1.99/kilo) and onions were particularly amazing.

It just goes to show that you can actually taste the difference between fresh vegetables and those that we usually buy at the supermarket. Next time you're going through Aratula, make sure you stop at the Aratula Markets. You'll remember what good vegetables should taste like.

Aratula Markets
Cunningham Highway
Aratula 4309
P - 07 5463 8144

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Helen said...

ohh I love the Aratula Markets as well, great place to get fruit and vege.