Saturday, 15 March 2008

Gelateria Cremona

I have heard many good things about Gelateria Cremona at Rosalie, so just had to pay it a visit.

Gelateria Cremona is on Baroona Road, in a strip containing restaurants, bars and the Blue Room Cinema. The gelato here is made from scratch, based on fresh ingredients, which you can really taste as soon as the first spoonful hits your mouth.

After scouring the selection of about 20 available gelato, I went for a scoop of the plum and a scoop of orange. While the orange was good, the plum flavour was amazingly delicious. So good, it basically tasted like you were eating a plum - the ice cream contained tiny bits of plum flesh, which gave it a beautiful texture. It was the most delicious tasting gelati flavour I've had for ages.

We also tried the lychee flavour on an earlier trip, which was also fantastic. There are of course flavours other than fruit, covering liquorice, caramel, zuppa inglese and the intriguing chocolate and roses. We'd also seen the honeyed fig and ricotta flavour on an earlier trip, which again sounded amazing, but there are only so many scoops you can fit into your cup.

If its great gelato you're after, you have to visit Gelateria Cremona. There are plenty of restaurants nearby, so make a night of it, capped off with some beautifully made gelato. I will certainly be going back soon.

Gelateria Cremona
Shop 5/151 Baroona Road
Rosalie Village
Paddington 4064
P - 07 3367 0212
E -

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Steph Bond-Hutkin said...

I agree 100% with you food bling. Gelataria Cremona is without a doubt my favourite gelataria in Australia. And I ate a *lot* of gelato when I was pregnant (and I used to live in the Italian neighbourhood in Sydney so had lots to choose from). We get teh 1.2 litre take home pack about once a week and have never been disappointed. Thanks for sharing with others as I hope that Gelataria Cremona is around for a long time!