Sunday, 5 July 2009

Book Stars Book Sale

I was walking back to the office after a quick lunch on Friday and noticed that the old Dymocks bookshop in the MacArthur Central had re-opened. It wasn't Dymocks, but it was a giant booksale called Book Stars.

I was expecting it to be full of books that no-one actually wanted to buy (which is usually the case with giant book sales), and had a quick look around the food and wine books. Luckily there turned out to be a few gems in amongst the tables. I picked up Philip Johnson's dessert book Decadence for $10. I also nabbed Oz Clarke's Bordeaux, which I have been eyeing off for ages - it was a steal at $20.

I imagine the decent cooking & wine books will disappear pretty quickly, but if you're in the city this week, it's definitely worth a browse.

Book Stars
Corner Queen & Edward Streets
Brisbane 4000


Sapphira said...

I'm always skeptical cause these places tend to have 'closing down sales' forever. A year later, they're still closing down! But I agree, Decadence was a steal! At $10, I'd say you could've bought a box as Xmas presents. ;) (I'm only half-joking, hehe)

Jeremy Pringle said...

Oz Clarke's Bordeaux at $20 is an awesome buy. Wine books never really go out of date, they just become historical curios in time ;)


food bling, Brisbane said...

Sapphira if only I was that organised for my Christmas shopping! I normally do it about 2 days before. I am going to make Philip Johnson's chocolate fondants for dessert this week - hopefully they come out as gooey as the ones in the photo.

food bling, Brisbane said...

Yeah glad to see you share my philosophy on wine books Jeremy. I just buy them on the understanding that one day I will get around to reading them. Oz Clarke is one of my favourite wine writers, so this book took a nanosecond to justify.