Saturday, 25 July 2009

ARIA Brisbane

You might have already heard that Matt Moran is opening a Brisbane version of his highly regarded ARIA restaurant. The current plan is for ARIA Brisbane to open on 17 August 2009, which is only a few weeks away now. The restaurant will open at the site of the old Pier Nine, on the Eagle Street Wharf in the city. It's right next to where I work, so I've been keeping a keen eye on the construction work. The fitout must be costing a fortune, judging by the amount of people that have been working there.

As both Urbane and Isis are currently closed, I'm really looking forward to eating at ARIA. If you can't wait for the restaurant to open its doors, you can make a booking from Monday 3 August 2009 on 07 3233 2555.


Gregory said...

Very keen to hear your thoughts as I was a massive fan of Moran's in Sydney before emmigrating to London 10 years ago.

The dining highlight was a 5 course Lamb and pinot noir dinner in 97. The lamb was sourced from the family farm and there was a diferent pinot with each course. MAGIC.

Must go on my return visit to Brisbane later this year.

food bling, Brisbane said...

Yep Gregory I'm looking forward to it. Hopefully it hits its straps early on.