Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Stewarts Wine Stock Clearance

If you cleaned out your wine stocks with Christmas and New Year celebrations, now is the perfect time to head into Stewarts for their annual wine stock clearance. That means 20% off when you buy 6 bottles of more. There are a few exclusions from the sale, but otherwise it's a great opportunity to pick up a case of wine at prices well below what you'd usually pay.

I popped in to the Ascot store on the weekend, and was lucky enough to pick up a bottle of 2004 Dry River pinot noir, which can be pretty hard to find in Australia. That's one of the reasons why I love shopping at Stewarts, because you usually come across a few bottles of wine that you've probably never tried before.

With the recent opening of their new store at The Barracks at Petrie Terrace, there are now 4 Stewarts outlets across Brisbane.

Stewarts Annual Wine Stock Clearance
W - http://www.stewartswineco.com.au

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