Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Mice on Sticks

After my guinea pig post, I've been walking around trying to remember the weirdest street food that I've seen. Then I remembered mice on sticks. Pretty hard to beat that one.

When I was in Mozambique there was a kid on the side of the road selling mice on sticks. We stopped and bought a couple. Not surprisingly, no-one ate any of them.

I'd be keen to know the craziest street food everyone has come across - post up a comment on the weird and wonderful local foods you've eaten.


Sapphira said...

It's no secret that the Chinese eat a lot of strange things, so I've had my fair share. ;) Like, pig intestines, pig stomach, offal, squirrel, frog legs, duck brains, coagulated pig blood, ostrich, pig ears, venison, fish eyes, turtle soup, and that's only what I can remember right now, not including what my parents fed me as a child!

YES, this is to get back at you for those pictures of the mice and guinea pig. They were quite traumatising!

Sarah said...

Not being a big meat-eater, I haven't really tried any weird street foods, but in Ghana I saw grasscutters being sold as food... Gam's family had a name for them that cracked me up- I'm not sure if it was just them or a local thing, but they refer to grasscutters as 'Mr Crensil'!

food bling, Brisbane said...

I promise I've got no more weird food pictures up my sleeve ;)

faz said...

oh my god! that is so great!!! Very curious...not sure if i'd try it though

let me see...i ate corn out of a shopping cart in paris. They had shopping carts with a metal bucket and were grilling corn on it.