Thursday, 10 July 2008

Who thought getting a phone connected was this hard?

Well another 10 days has gone past and I still have no home phone or internet connection. Telstra have now managed to cancel three separate appointments. I'm now at the stage where I will be surprised if someone actually shows up to one of these appointments.

So in the meantime, no posts from me. As much as I'd love to keep babbling on about my Brisbane food adventures, sitting around at work all night long just for the internet connection isn't really that appealing.

The next "appointment" with Telstra is on Tuesday. Hopefully I'll be up and running again by the middle of next week (if they show up).

I did enjoy the first episode of Gordon Ramsay's Boiling Point the other night. I know it's an old series, but you really did get an idea of just what it would be like to work in one of his kitchens. I was amazed at the way most of the staff just stood there while getting absolutely blasted by Gordon. Hopefully the rest of the episodes are just as entertaining.


faz said...

good luck with that! I went for 1 month without internet when i moved into my house AND i still had to pay for it! Stupid Telstra!

Sarah said...

Ah. Telstra. There's your first mistake!