Saturday, 5 April 2008

Caxton Street Seafood Festival

Hanging out for a massive feed of seafood while wandering around listening to live music? Well take yourself along to this year's Caxton Street Seafood Festival, being held on Sunday 4 May 2008.

You can find out all the info about this year's fesitval here. This year, tickets are $15 and you can buy them from Ticketek, to save lining up on the day. $2 from every ticket goes to the Courier Mail Children’s Fund.

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Brian Koenig said...

Seafood Festival... what a joke! Next year should be called 'The Caxton Street Piss-up.' I was attracted to the event under the pretence that seafood was what it was all about. Instead all I found was a street full of drunk people and badly presented over priced seafood. The event should have been a showcase for the great fresh seafood that is available to the people of Brisbane. I found most of the food was not as good as what I would find at my local takeaway. What was with the cover charge? I'm all for charity but the whole $15 should have gone not just $2. In the day and aged of pushing responsible drinking, this could have been the perfect way for the city and organisers to show that a large event could be more about people getting pissed.

This was extremely disapointing.