Monday, 28 January 2008


Sakura is a popular Japanese restaurant at Highgate Hill, set in a small row of shops on Gladstone Road, just up from Brisbane State High School.

I went here most recently on New Year's Eve for dinner with a group of friends in the private dining room. As I haven't been able to track down a copy of the menu, I can't post a full review, but at least I can give you a good idea of the great food which is served at Sakura.

Sakura is decorated with traditional Japanese touches and I've always found the staff to be very friendly. You'll find they go out of their way to say hello when you walk into the restaurant, which makes everyone feel welcome.
Although I'm no expert on Japanese food, the menu covers plenty of flavours, including seafood, beef, sushi, tofu and vegetables.

Highlights of the night included the seafood sashimi plate - a great selection of different flavours and textures; the tempura vegetables, which are incredibly moreish (pictured); and the shabu shabu beef (also pictured) where you get to cook thinly sliced beef and loads of vegetables in a big wok on the table. You rarely get to cook food yourselves at restaurants anymore, so this dish is particularly fun.
If you are looking for good Japanese food, give Sakura a try. I've found the best nights here are when you get to graze on a good selection of dishes from the menu - so grab yourself a group of friends, book the private dining room (which has a sunken floor to add to the Japanese experience) and order a bunch of food off the menu. The staff will look after you, and you'll have a great night of Japanese food at reasonable prices.

9 Gladstone Road
Highgate Hill 4101
P - 07 3844 9935

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