Sunday, 19 September 2010

Into Africa

As you all probably know, the Brisbane Festival is on the go at the moment. One of the events I'm glad to see is back again this year is Into Africa, which is being held next Saturday, 25 September 2010.

Into Africa takes place at Yeronga Park, and features live music, traditional dancing, food, coffee, and arts & crafts from all over Africa. If you haven't yet made it to one of the terrific African restaurants in Brisbane, Into Africa is a great place to tuck into some traditional African food for lunch.

I went along last year and really enjoyed it, especially the food that was on offer. This year I'm looking forward to seeing Hassan M'Souli's cooking demonstration. I've got one of his cookbooks (Modern Moroccan) and seeing as I'm about to rustle up a Moroccan dinner for the next Gastronauts Supper Club night, I'm keen to pick up as many tips as I can get.

On the music front, the featured artists include King Marong and Afro Mandinko, Samoko, Afro Dizzi Act, the Big Fela Afrobeat Orchestra and the 200 strong Into Africa Choir, who will be performing a tribute to Miriam Makeba.

It all adds up to a terrific day, so get along and experience a slice of Africa next Saturday.

Into Africa
Saturday 25 September 2010, 11am to 6pm
Yeronga Park
School Road, Yeronga
W -,261,4747,026100906.aspx


Anonymous said...

Just letting you know it is Saturday September 25

food bling, Brisbane said...

Oops thanks for pointing out the typo. I've corrected the post now, so no-one gets confused.

liz said...

this sounds great! thanks for posting about it

Pandy said...

Hi, I'll be there with my husband.
I've got tickets for H'SAO live!! I'm excited.

Would you mind if I add your blog to my Japanese blog?

food bling, Brisbane said...

Hi Liz you should definitely go! (even if you just pop in for lunch)

food bling, Brisbane said...

Pandy hope you have a good day at Into Africa. And yep ok to add my blog to yours - thanks for visiting.

Sarah from said...

Hello Mr Bling!

Thanks for letting us know about the festival - can't wait to get there tomorrow. Cheers! :D

Cooking Contest said...

I am leaving to south africa tomorrow! Can't wait to try some of the local foods! Too bad I didn't get a prep by attending this festival last year. Oh Well. Seems like fun!