Friday, 6 November 2009

Brisbane's Budget Bites 2010

Want to know where you can eat around Brisbane without burning a hole in your wallet/purse? More interested in spending your money on good food than propping up high rents at mediocre city restaurants? Then rush off to your local bookshop today and pick up a copy of Brisbane's Budget Bites. For the measly sum of $20 you'll be the owner of a great guide to bargain restaurants around Brisbane. I picked up my copy from Borders in the city a couple of weeks ago - they're widely available.

Brisbane's Budget Bites covers restaurants, coffee shops and specialist grocery stores. Some of the featured restaurants that I'm looking forward to trying out are K'mer at Sunnybank (Cambodian), Best Friends Kainan Sa in the Valley (Filipino) and The Persian Restaurant at Coorparoo.

Best of all it's independent and well written - pick one up today.

Brisbane's Budget Bites 2010
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food bling, Brisbane said...

Mei Yen Chua, the editor of Brisbane's Budget Bites will be at Borders in the city this Friday, 13 November 2009 at 1pm - your chance to drop in and pick up a signed copy.

Haleth said...

Sorry mate, K'mer has already closed down. I found that out when I rocked up there for dinner earlier tonight. At least there are still plenty of eateries to try from the book.

liz said...

The book sounds great. We are also based in Brisbane blogging, we eat around of a few of the cheap Vietnamese places. Like your site check ours out

food bling, Brisbane said...

thanks for letting me know about K'mer. Shame its closed - I was really keen to go.

food bling, Brisbane said...

Thanks Liz I hadn't seen your blog before but will have a read. I'm always glad to come across a good new food/travel blog.