Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Gelateria Cremona

I've been to Gelateria Cremona a few more times over the last couple of months. Their gelati is so good that I now make excuses for detours to Rosalie at any time of the day. Over the last few months I've been lucky enough to try:

  • pomegranate (tart & tangy with an amazing colour)
  • earl grey tea (subtle, but a good match with pomegranate)
  • coconut (delicious, even though I'm not the biggest fan of coconut usually)
  • feijoa (a really weird, slightly gritty texture, but good flavour)
  • lemon, lime & bitters (fantastically refreshing - you could walk out with a tub on a hot day)
  • persimmon (lovely smooth texture, with a subtle flavour)
  • Christmas spiced chocolate (perfect for chocolate lovers in the festive season)
  • macadamia nut (smooth & rich - I'm a big fan of any macadamia ice cream)
When I was in there the other night they also had a Christmas pudding flavour, which tasted delicious. By that stage of the night, 3 scoops of gelati was going to be a struggle, so sadly I had to give it a pass.

It's great to see new flavours popping up at Gelateria Cremona all the time. That's what keeps us all coming back for their amazingly good gelati.

Gelateria Cremona
Shop 5, 151 Baroona Road
Rosalie Village, Paddington 4064
P - 07 3367 0212
E - gelateriacremona@yahoo.com.au


Sarah said...

Mmmm... sold! We currently traipse out to the Valley to buy a tubful of Shlix gelato when the mood takes us and the timing is favourable for driving/parking... which isn't nearly often enough for my liking! Sooo going to give this place a try :)

vanessa jackman said...

ooooo that Christmas Pudding flavour and the pomegranate flavour sound simply divine. I must say that some of the best gelato/gelati/ice cream I have ever had has been in good ole Queensland- Massimo at Noosa comes to mind....

food bling, Brisbane said...

We were back last night for dessert. On the drive there I was joking that they should have Anzac Biscuit flavour, for Anzac Day. Amazingly enough, when we show up, they have Anzac Biscuit as a special flavour, which was great. Not only Anzac biscuit, but also hot cross bun flavour too! I am so glad I don't live around the corner, or else I'd live on their gelati.