Saturday, 1 November 2008

Pisco Sour

I've already given a wrap to the Pisco sour, which is basically the Peruvian national cocktail. If you're keen to try one out, here's how to make it:

90 ml Pisco
30 ml sugar syrup or 1 tbsp sugar
30 ml fresh lime juice
1 egg white
4 ice cubes, crushed
4 drops of Angostura bitters

In a blender, pour in egg white and mix until foamy. Add ice half way up, mix and add the rest of the ingredients, except the bitters. Keep blending until ice disappears. Serve and top with drops of bitters. Makes 1 cocktail.

I haven't yet found a bottle of Pisco in Brisbane, but the extent of my search has been my local bottleshop (which I knew wouldn't have it anyway). When I track one down, I'll let you know.

If you'd rather have someone else whip one up for you, pop into The Bowery. I was there last night and was glad to see that the Pisco sour makes an appearance on their current cocktail list. As you can see, there's a fair bit of Pisco in the drink, so be warned.


food bling, Brisbane said...

I managed to find a bottle of Pisco at Dun Murphys at Woolloongabba. Only problem is that it's Chilean Pisco, so now I'm probably barred from stepping foot back in Peru...

Sarah said...

Thanks for the cocktail recipe and the tip on where to find Pisco... I have a question though- why eggwhite? Just for looks? I have a 'thing' about eating or drinking raw egg, so I'm kind of wondering how feasible it is to make the recipe without including it.... probably sacrilege, I know.

food bling, Brisbane said...

The eggwhite is just to make it really fluffy. You don't need much eggwhite though. I made a few batches last night, and only used one eggwhite for a whole jug of pisco sours. If you have a good enough blender and use lots of ice you could probably get away with no eggwhite. They went down well at our Peruvian themed housewarming party last night